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October 2023

A Huge Loss

Hello Everyone, I have sad news to convey. On Saturday evening September 30, St. Louis lost a dear friend to so many of us. Dr. Robert C. Packman passed away peacefully at home. Bob was a long-time CMSSL Board member and Subscriber who was passionate about our music and mission. The above picture that includes (from left to right) CMSSL Board members Dr. Richard Shaw, Dr. Robert Packman with his infectious smile, Centene staffer Karen McDonagh and David Packman (Bob’s nephew) from a Ladue News piece by Bryan Schaier. This was from our 2015 Donor Appreciation Concert in Centene Auditorium. Given the threat that COVID presented to him, Bob was very hesitant to venture out, but was comfortable having Susan and I come over to visit every few weeks. Bob gleefully entertained us with his keen sense of humor and infinite archive of stories. I remember answering my phone to be greeted by what sounded like a woman with an Eastern European accent engaging me in conversation. After a couple of minutes, Bob laughed and revealed himself to be the caller completely fooling me. Susan and I will miss him dearly. It was hard to be in a group of people in St. Louis where someone had not been a patient of Dr. Packman. A few years ago at a concert for which Bob was the Concert Sponsor, as I acknowledged his support, I asked the audience for a show of hands by former patients of Dr. Packman. Pretty close to 40% of the audience raised their hands. We will be sending out news on how we plan to celebrate the life of Bob Packman at an upcoming concert. Here is a LINK to the obituary, which will give you an insight to this wonderful man. Marc

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