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A Frivolous First

Some musical April Fool’s Day fun.
Dr. Charles J. Metz, Concert Sponsor, Celebrating the life of Dr. Robert C. Packman

Strauss- Till Eulenspiegel, einmal anders! (arr. Franz Hasenöhrl) A frolic for violin, clarinet, horn, bassoon and contrabass
Haydn- String Quartet #2, Op.33 “The Joke”
Shostakovich- Two pieces for String Quartet  #2 ‘Polka’
Hindemith- Overture to the Flying Dutchman as Sight-read by a Bad Spa Orchestra at 7 in the Morning by the Well
Mozart- A Musical Joke, K. 522
Some surprise shenanigans

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Hear what patrons are saying about this program:
I am a performing musician for many concerts with the Chamber, and they are all so memorable. But this one- A Frivolous First- was fun to rehearse and as a group put together the gags, and fun to experience the audience reactions!

Concert Date:

Monday, Apr 01, 2024  Time: 07:30 pm

Venue Location:

560 Music Center, 560 Trinity Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63130 USA