Chamber music Stl

“Baroque, Too”

Woodwinds shine in a Baroque program showcasing flute, oboe, bassoon and harpsichord.

Quantz- Trio Sonata in C Minor for flute, oboe and continuo
Bach- Sonata #3 for flute and continuo in C major, BWV 1033
Telemann- Sonata in F minor for bassoon, TWV
Handel-Trio Sonata in F Major for Oboe, Bassoon & Basso Continuo

Bach – Prelude in C minor – BWV 999
Byrd- The Bells (Queen Elizabeth’s Virginals)

Daquin- Le Coucou
Telemann- Trio Sonata in A minor for flute, oboe and continuo


Concert Date:

Monday, Mar 12, 2018  Time: 07:30 pm - Live Concert