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“All About You”

Pillsbury Cookie Concert
Ed & H Pillsbury Foundation, Cookie Concert Series Sponsor

A concert of music chosen by YOU.

Our March 1st “All About You” program is indeed all about your choices for the works to be performed, as it is based on the results of our recent ballot. The repertoire was chosen by you, Friends of The Chamber, and our friends at Classic 107.3, the Voice for the Arts in St. Louis.

The winning pieces:
Piano and String Ensemble:
Schumann- Piano Quintet in E-flat Major, Op. 44
Piano Solo:
Rachmaninoff- Prelude in C# Minor, Op. 3, #2
Mixed Ensemble:
Beethoven- Trio in Bb Major for Clarinet, Cello & Piano, Op. 11 “Gassenhauer”
String Ensemble:
Mendelssohn- Octet for Strings in Eb Major, Op. 20
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Concert Date:

Monday, Mar 01, 2021  Time: 07:30 pm