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Good Afternoon All,

I just returned from Chicago where I heard the touring Berlin Philharmoniker perform the Mahler 7th Symphony. This is a not an often programed work. I have played it a few times in my career but never heard it from the audience.  I also have never heard the Berliners live so it was a nice treat. After the concert, I had a chance to visit with colleagues from the Chicago Symphony and the Berlin orchestra, which exhibited, yet again, how music brings us together and nurtures our humanity.  So…. this seems like a good time to wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

A few months ago, I asked for your help regarding classical music reviews (which so many of you responded…thank you). All of our local classical music organizations are working to urge media entities to support us with reviews. A reviewer from radio station KDHX attended our November 7 concert and posted a review.

I am told that it will encourage the station to review more classical concerts if they see a large number of clicks on the review (the lack of which was the catalyst for the Post-Dispatch to significantly cut back on reviewing classical events). So, please click on the link to read it and pass it along to others who may be interested. This will help all our local classical music organizations.

A reminder that access to the virtual stream of this November 7 “The Winds Blow Back” concert with Leonard Slatkin concert ends at midnight Sunday. So if you have not viewed it yet, check your ticket or virtual pass for the password and enjoy the music.

Wishing you a peaceful and pleasant Thanksgiving,