Chamber music Stl


Ron, University City

We are grateful to your beautiful, awe-inspiring CMSSL in our lives. As threadbare as our nation has become in so many ways, it is the regenerative power of music ant the arts that enthuses me. Keep on weaving! Thank you.

John, University City

These concerts have been even better than I imagined. My hat off to your engineer- the sound quality exceeded that of most CDs I own of this repertoire. I also applaud Peter Henderson for tackling the Liszt this week. Thank you all so much for bringing so much light in these trying times.

Kent, Kirkwood

I just wanted to express to you and the board what an exceptional job you each have done during these very trying times. I regularly attend many venues during the course of the year. The Chamber Music Society has by far created the best experience.

Jan, Scottsdale

Many thanks… for a very professionally presented performance of endearing music with the very best musicians.

Marjorie, University City

The concert was just thrilling. Loved the pianist. Adored the Dvorak. Happy to see Leonard in such an intimate setting. Terrific evening! Thanks.

Richard, Creve Coeur

Last night’s performance was, as usual, wonderful. We are looking forward to the next Chamber concert.

Lewis, University City

CMSSL has been doing all it can in the way of creative, highly successful efforts to compensate for the agony of 2020. That’s been very much appreciated.

Marsha, West Palm Beach

What a wonderful venue, program, incredible musicians. Congratulations on such a great program and the hard work and effort it takes to achieve success for Chamber Music Society of St. Lous. Music is healing, and I thank you.