Sheldon Ballroom


The Sheldon Ballroom


The Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries is a fixture amongst St. Louis’ visual and performing arts venues. Located in Grand Centre, The Sheldon’s acoustically superb Concert Hall has long-served the concert going public, and, with the creation of the Art Galleries and renovation of the Ballroom in 1990’s it has become a highly sought-after institution catering to a significantly diverse group of artists and art lovers.

Chamber Music Society of St. Louis has made its home in the Sheldon Ballroom since our 2011-12 season. The Ballroom is relatively small in size, and its wood floors and unusual beamed ceiling create a warm and intimate environment for experiencing chamber music. Patrons are seated at small tables where they can enjoy a glass of wine and forego the formalities of a large and traditional concert hall. The performers, of course, are only a few feet away, and their closeness provides the listeners a unique opportunity to experience their music making in ways often unnoticed in a larger venue. Please join us for a truly remarkable experience- cabaret style!


The Sheldon Ballroom

3648 Washington Boulevard

St. Louis, MO  63108